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Photographer - all photos taken by me.
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  • How much would it cost for a print as large as the one you're holding in your previous post?

    Asked by Anonymous

    The print I hold in my previous post is on multiplex (wood) (18mm thick). So it is very heavy and stable. But multiplex is a bit expensiver than forex e.g..
    A picture on forex (100cm x 75cm) costs about 150 + shipping (EU about 30, other countrys could be a bit expensiver). A print on multiplex (100cm x 75cm) which I handle by myself costs about 200 + shipping (EU about 50-60 cause of the weight).
    You can also get just a print on paper. (100cm x 75cm 60, shipping about 7)

    If you are interested you can contact me on kontakt@made-photography.de

    What camera do you use if you don't mind me asking? Your work is absolutely beautiful!

    Asked by Anonymous

    Thank you so much! I photograph with a Canon 6D and a selfmodded Canon 350D without the IR-filter. Also I photograph with the Canon AE1 Program (analog) :)

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